Why is Blackberry Jam Rare?

Picking Blackberries

Blackberries grow in a Blackberry Bramble
What is a Bramble? It is an impenetrable thicket. A what? A bramble is made up of intertwined canes lined with nasty nasty thorns. Can’t picture it? It’s like a roll of barbed wire. Still don’t understand? It’s like the mouth of a giant shark lined with five hundred sharpened teeth. You then grow the blackberries on the back row of teeth.
Wendy’s Blackberries are perfect to pick in February. If they are picked too early, the Jam is awful. If they are picked too late the fruit spoils and impossible to pick.
So imagine…..February, Australia, Hot – really HOT, Sunny, Outdoor bramble….no airconditioned blackberry office, no barrista, no shade, just HOT
Then….cover your body in clothing….arms, legs, feet, hands, head, face, the whole lot…now you are really HOT
Then step into a sea of thorns, reaching deeply to pick the prized blackberries.

Where is the Secret Blackberry Bramble?

Wendy’s mum, Beth, had a friend, name unknown, who mentioned a wild patch of Blackberry Brambles.
We know that Beth was born in Barellan.
We know that Beth’s mum, Wendy’s grandmother, tried to discover the location of the patch….unsuccessfully.

Wild Blackberry bramble

Brambles with blackberries

We know that Beth has associations with Farmhouse Industries, Tarcutta in New South Wales
We know that Beth’s grandchildren had to be driven around and around to confuse them before they were taken to the patch.
Wendy, even under pressure of reduced chocolate rations, refused to co-operate.
This author has been a valued family friend for 40 years, but NO WAY was the response.
It will have to remain the Secret Blackberry Bramble

How much fruit needs to be picked to make a jar of jam?

One jar of Wendy’s Blackberry Jam contains approximately 200 blackberries. That is a lot of !
Good preparation, planning, protection and preventative measures are taken. Non-life threatening injuries are normal. Scratches, scratches, scratches and musculo-skeletal overuse. The recovery program is well designed and implemented. No different to a participant in a contact sport! A week later all is resolved.
It is the effort that adds to the rarity of this Blackberry Jam