faq’s about Wendy’s Crafts

What is jam?

The term “jam” refers to a product made of whole fruit cut into pieces or crushed, then heated with water and sugar to activate its pectin before being put into containers: “Jams are usually made from pulp and juice of one fruit, rather than a combination of several fruits…..Wikipedia

Why make jam?

Fruits grow on trees, brambles and bushes. In their natural environment  plants bear their fruit at certain times of the year. For example – In Australia –Oranges in June, Blackberries in February.  Many fruits are grown commercially in green houses – this is how we can get “out-of-season” fruits. Fruit for Homemade Jam is generally sourced from naturally grown plants  when particular fruits are plentiful and in quantities greater than can be consumed fresh.  Having a pantry stocked with Jam provides a diverse range of flavours can be enjoyed throughout the year, long after the fresh crop has finished.

Why stock up on jam?

Distance from Shops:   For households  in remote areas, where there isn’t a shop, or supermarket  within cooee having fruit jams, filled with goodness and flavour is a must. Refrigeration:    Living in areas where power sources are unreliable requires food items that will not spoil.  Many jams keep well without refrigeration. Camping:   Every experienced camper knows that Jam is a must have item.  Especially for Damper. Damper: – Flour, water, pinch of salt – cook on open fire – serve with jam…………feast of kings

What is Wendy’s  jam stored in?

Wendy uses glass jars with screw top lids for all her Jams. The jars are ‘sterilised’ before use and the jam is transferred from the cooking pot directly to the jars while the jam is at an optimum temperature.  Safe food handling is one of the critical elements  in the process of making good quality, homemade jam.

Key elements of good jam making?

Choice of fruit, preparation of fruit, temperature and humidity of preparation environment, relative quantities of ingredients, temperature of cooking of fruit, timing of the cooking, depth of colour, texture,  temperature of bottling (that is putting into the jars).  Anyone can make jam. To become a master maker – you need a great  mentor, good recipes,  time, tweaking, patience and practice.

What size jars does Wendy’s jam come in?

Wendy uses three sizes of jars. 240ml. 100ml and 40ml.  Which jams come in which jams varies. The 40ml jars are sold in packs of 4 or 6.

Where can I get Wendy’s jams?

Farmhouse Industries at Tarcutta – open almost every day of the year, Wollongong Markets –  Bulli Market, Kiama Market and Sutherland Market – check for dates.  .The Markets….

Full list of the homemade Jam, Marmalade, Relish

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The jar or bottle will  be labelled with Ingredients and Date (of production). Checking the Ingredients only takes a few seconds. Wendy’s jams are made using classic recipes with no fillers and no unnecessary additions. What is on the label is what is in the jar. If you are diabetic, or have specific food sensitivities, please read the label or chat to Wendy in person.

Where does the fruit come from?

Wendy gets her fruit from 2 main sources. Private farmhouse orchards and the Sydney wholesale fruit market. Wendy does not use imported fruit.

Does Wendy make all the products?

Wendy makes all the products except for the Cucumber relish and the Fig paste. These are both made by family friend.

What other things does Wendy make for sale

The plastic bag holders are a regular favourite on Wendy’s stall. Made from calico and printed cottons the bag holders find new purposes from their devoted owners. Pictures.

More questions

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