Jam in a Gift Box – by Wendy’s CraftsClose up of Jars of Jam and Relish

Wendy has been setting up her Craft stall at many Markets in New South Wales for about 7 years. The range of jam, marmalade and relishes on offer has grown, as has the demand from her clients. Wendy has recently added the deliciously versatile  “Jam in a Gift Box” to the range. Perfect as a gift, or as a cost effective way to try different jams in small quantities.

Wendy’s Crafts Jams are always in Glass

All Wendy’s homemade jam, marmalade and relish is prepared, cooked and placed in pre-sterilized jars whilst the jam mixture is very hot. This method is traditional and helps to preserve the integrity of the natural flavours and colours of the fresh fruits for jam and vegetables for relishes. It also is an important part of jam-making hygiene. Glass is also highly recyclable.

For many years Wendy has provided most of the products in 3 sizes of glass jars with the simple calico covers and coloured curling ribbon to quickly differentiate between the fruits used. Red for raspberry, dark blue for blueberry, purple for blackberry gold for fig jam and so on. Simple, but very effective!

Jam in a Gift BoxSix little jars of jam and marmalade in a gift pack

Three little jars of jam in a gift boxA few years back Wendy started to package 4 little jars together in cellophane. These packages have been extremely popular as gifts.

During a casual visit to a neighbouring market stall, Wendy spotted some small boxes with a clear window on the front.

Oh my goodness! Perfect for little jars of jam. Perfect for Jam in a Gift Box.  A bit of research and here they are.

There are two box sizes. A box for six small jars and a box for three. You choose which three jars you want. If you can’t decide, buy more than one box full. Too easy.

Simple, clean, your choice and easy to wrap. How good is that?  So good.

Where to find Wendy’s CraftsJars of Jam and Relish on Wendy's Market Stall

Wendy’s market stall appears at Wollongong Market, Kiama Market, Sutherland Market and more.

In fact Wendy’s Crafts is so in demand she recieves requests regularly for new Markets. Committed to the continued quality of her homemade jam, Wendy is careful not to spread herself too thin.

For market updates, Facebook is the best place to check where and when Wendy’s Crafts will be this week or this weekend.