Apricot Jam, Lemon Jam, Cherry Jam

Special jams for Wendy’s Crafts

Wendy continues to make new Jam options for her  Homemade Jam connoisseurs .

Growers in increasing numbers are making  quality produce available to her. The growers know that dedicated, expert Jam makers are  becoming harder to find. Having found Wendy, they are keen to develop and maintain strong and consistent supply of locally grown fruit.

As a result three new  specialty Jam types are available:

Apricot Jam:

Fresh Apricots with bowl of Apricot Jam

Apricot Jam

Luxuriously sweet and rich. Look beyond your breakfast toast. Apricot Jam is stunning when used as a glaze on fruit pies. Pork or chicken can become a dinner triumph when glazed with Apricot jam during roasting. Not forgetting the truly self- indulgent  Apricot Jam on vanilla Ice Cream, plain Yoghurt or Ricotta. Your next meal can be as special as you wish to make it – all at home – within reach – all you need is a jar of Wendy’s Crafts Apricot jam and a spoon!

Lemon Jam:

Fresh lemons for Lemon Jam

Fresh lemons for Lemon Jam

Rare and unusual.  This is not lemon butter nor lemon marmalade.

This is a specialty jam, made by Wendy at Wendy’s Crafts

Lemon jam is strangely sweet and tart. If you are looking for a more savoury Jam this may be the one for you. This very versatile jam is an ideal item to keep on hand  to mix up the tastes that you put before your family and guests. Not limited to breakfast toast, you may add it to your next cheese platter, try it on your next roast chicken or incorporate into an olive oil salad dressing. Try it, you will be pleasantly surprised by everyone’s reaction.

Cherry JamBowl of cherries for Cherry Jam

Because of the scarcity of home cherry trees, this jam often only appears in high-end grocery stores, commercially made with gourmet additions. Wendy has added her Cherry jam to her range to help people rediscover this delicacy. Many jam makers , even with access to cherries avoid cherry jam. Do you know how many Cherries you need to de-pip to make a jar of jam?  Aproximately 20 per jar. Try Wendy’s Crafts Cherry Jam, made from fresh pale cherries. I think you’ll agree that all that de-pipping was worth the effort!

Where to find Wendy’s Crafts Jams

Farmhouse Industries Shop at Tarcutta or at Selected Markets


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