Yoghurt scones – a refreshing change

I love a classic scone. The simplicity of the three ingredients never ceases to amaze me and memories of another time flood back when I make them. Sarah Jade, the 30 something daughter of a friend, decided we needed a bit of a shake up. Here is her Yoghurt Scone recipe. Yum!

Yoghurt Scone Recipe

woman in kitchen with yoghurt scone dough on bench

Ready to cut the yoghurt scones


1 cup     Wholemeal Flour

1 cup     Plain Flour

3tsp baking powder

½ tsp salt

50g melted butter

¼ cup cold water

200 g unsweetened yoghurt (Jalna Fat Free)


Woman holding tray of freshly made yoghurt scones

Sara Jade’s mum making Yoghurt Scones

Sift Flour, baking powder and salt into bowl

Make a well

Mix butter, water and youghurt together and then add to the well

Mix together, with a knife. Form the mixture into a ball/slab.

Place onto floured board. Cut as required – square with knife, round with cutter.

Cook in 200 degrees for 20 minutes.