Quince Paste or Jam?

Wendy's Quince Jam

Fresh Quince

Visitors to Growers Markets south of Sydney are in luck. Great weather in Autumn has ripened the Quinces on the trees of an old farm orchard in South West New South Wales. Wendy of Wendy’s Jam and Crafts has teamed up with Jenny. The results, Quince Jam and Quince Paste, are now available at Wendy’s market stall at selected grower markets.

Quince Paste

Quince Paste at Farmer Markets

Quince paste on cheese board

Quince Paste is a very concentrated product. It is cut with a knife when served with a cheese platter. It is made with less sugar than other Quince products and has a moisture level that only a skilled hand can perfect. This rare of Quince Paste offering is available until the batch sells out.

Available in 100ml jars, this delicacy made by Jenny in very small batches represents extraordinary value.

Quince Jam

Quince fruit has been described as a slightly unattractive lumpy cross between an apple and a pear. Its appearance masks the beauty of flavour that emerges when cooked and transformed into Jam. For those who like the flavoursome taste of Quince on Scones with Cream, on Toast with a Cuppa or as a glaze on Roast Chicken, this Jam is an absolute must have. Wendy’s Quince Jam is easily spreadable and completely irresistible. Wendy only uses naturally grown and ripened Quince. Cooking the jam in small quantities removes the need for added colours, vegetable gums and artificial sweeteners and thickeners. Naturally this jam, of course, is corn syrup free.

Available in 250ml and 100ml jars, this uncommon jam is made by Wendy.

Where to Get your Quince Paste and Quince Jam?