Transferring the jam into your jars.

Transferring the jam into the jars – sounds easy when your Mum is on hand to show you how. This how my Mum showed me how to get the jam into the jars.

What do I use to Transfer Hot Jam?

I was lucky when I first started making jam as my Mum seemed to have all the equipment necessary.  Large saucepans, jug, wooden spoons and tin mugs. We used the tin mugs to dip into the jam once it was ready, then transferred it to the porcelain jug.  If you only use a small saucepan, say 2 litres or less, then you can just pour the jam straight into the jug.  We have been using saucepans that hold around 9.5 litres, so that makes it too hard to lift and pour into the jug.  We would have ended up with hot jam everywhere, a broken jug and third-degree burns.

Mugs, jugs and porcelain pitchersJJugs used for making jam

The porcelain jug had a spout that poured the jam without spilling much.  Mum had other jugs, but the shape of their spouts meant that pouring the jam could become very messy. Another thing to take into account, no matter what the shape of the spout or the shape of the jug, do not fill it to the top.  This will lead to spilling the jam and make a right mess that you will have to clean up afterwards.  Filling it to approximately ¾ of the volume seems to be an optimum amount.

Shape of the Spout is important

We had been making blackberry jam for about 10 years when the porcelain jug Mum had, broke.  We had to use her other jugs which, as I said, made a mess.  Wherever I went, I would look at jugs to check out the angle of the spout to see if it was near to the shape of the old spout.

I finally found a jug online which was meant for heating milk for lattes.  The Sunbeam Stainless Steel 600ml jug fit the bill for my jams.  The spout makes it easy to control the flow and direction of the hot liquids.

I also found a porcelain jug, similar to the one Mum had, in an op-shop.  This one I use for my tomato relish as the spout is longer and wider, perfect for the thicker liquid.

After much use I finally wore a hole in the tin mug.  I found a replacement online.  It was a blue Coleman 10oz Enamelware Coffee mug.  These are good as the metal handle does not transmit the heat from the body of the mug when you are dipping it into the saucepan of jam.

Online Resources:

Coffee machine accessories:   Stainless Steel Milk Jug / 600ml Milk Frothing Jug with Cool Touch Handle

Camping Mugs and Cups:   Coleman 10 ounce Enamelware Coffee Mug (Blue)

Porcelain Jug                   Porcelain or Ceramic jugs with the right spout are more difficult to find  Try this Makasa Porcelain Jug

Last minute reminder

Transferring freshly cooked hot jam into jars is much safer and easier with the right jam-making equipment. Did you remember to sterilize the glass jars first?




Blue enamel mug for pouring jam

Blue enamelware mug

Stainless steel Milk frothing jug for pouring jam

Stainless steel Jug

Mikasa Porcelain Jug for Pouring Jam

Mikasa Porcelain jug

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