Chilli Cherry Jam has arrived

Chilli Cherry Jam is a specialized recipe which combines the sweet taste of cherries with the hit of Chilli heat. As we know, Chilli Jam has the  definite taste of red capsicum and chilli. Cherry Jam is rich and sweet. Chilli Cherry Jam, however, gives you the beautiful Cherry sweetness followed by the hit of heat on the back of your throat. The exquisite Cherry is not swamped but enhanced. When will you try Wendy’s latest Jam taste sensation? Visit a Market or Order online.

Development and Uses of Chilli Cherry Jam

Chiili Cherry Jam

Jar of Chilli Cherry Jam

Wendy has developed this jam by adding the seeds and webbing of standard chillies. The quantities of all the elements has been a process of trial and error. Balance is, of course, very individual. To celebrate this jam Wendy has chosen Pink and Red ribbon for the Jars. Red for the Chilli, and Pink for the Cherry.  .The ingredients as listed on the jar are: Cherries, Chillies, Sugar and Lemon Juice. As with all of Wendy’s Jams, there is no gelatin or artificial thickeners. All colours are simply the colours of the natural ingredients. There are no colour enhancers added to any of Wendy’s Jams.

We need your help. We know that Chiili Cherry Jam works with chicken. We would love to hear from you about ways to enjoy this unusual and sensational jam. All suggestions welcome on our Comments section or in person to Wendy at her Market Stall

We value your feedback

100% of tasters at the recent Bulli market gave it their seal of approval. Market visitors have tried it and like it. If you have already bought a jar, your feedback is valued. There are many Jams in Wendy’s range. Which ones have you already tried? Which will you try next?

Where to Buy Chilli Cherry Jam

Look out for this new Jam at Wendy’s Stall at her favourite Farmers Marketsor through the Online Shop