Timing and Stirring Secrets of Jam Making

Timing and stirring secrets of making jam

Jam saucepan with spoon on cooktop

Jam making involves a lot of stirring. Timing the addition of ingredients, managing temperatures and sticking are very important. I was just making some jam this morning and thought of these important tips for all jam making. Also, the more jam you make the easier it becomes. Get to it!

Tip # 1  The best time to add sugar when making jam

Adding sugar at the right time is really important when making jam. Be sure that you have cooked the fruit enough to make it soft. You can test this by pushing the fruit with the spoon. Remember that once you have added the sugar, the fruit will not soften any further.


Tip # 2    How to stop fruit sticking to pot during cooking

It is before you add the sugar that the cooking fruit mixture is most likely to stick to the bottom of the pot and possibly burn. If this occurs, your jam will have a burnt flavour and change the natural colour of your jam.  Make sure you stir the pot very frequently during this period. Adding marbles will help the mixture avoid sticking, but the stirring is the most important thing, once the mixture starts to simmer or boil. Every 10 minutes is best.


“So keep these tips in mind for better jam-making results and have fun”    Wendy

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