Summer fruit transformed into Jam

Summer fruit for jam

Fresh Summer Fruit

Good rain and perfect conditions means that Summer fruit is in abundance. Perfect for making Jam. All fresh ingredients. No re-hydrated fillers. Ideal for people who care about what is in the jams they love.  Wendy now has new jams for your enjoyment.

Fig and Ginger Jam

Taste bud heaven. Made especially for lovers of ginger and those new to this luscious combination. The punch of the ginger with the very individual sweetness of figs makes this taste amalgamation a must-have jam for your pantry.

Fig and jinger jam for cheese board

Cheese board

How you use this Jam is completely up to you. Use it as a conventional jam on your toast. Or feel free to use as a sensual addition to your cheese platter. Serve fig and ginger jam on bought  or home-made scones, with cream for an adult afternoon tea.  Perhaps a whole jar as a parting edible gift for your afternoon tea guests?  Heavenly!

Mulberry Jam

If you are a devotee of Wendy’s Blackberry Jam then it is an interesting side-step to Mulberry Jam. The flavour is close but different in a Mulberry sort of way.

Making Mulberry Jam brings one very special challenge. Although the fruit is smaller than blackberries it comes with a special attribute. When spilt on a white apron during production the stain is legendary. I wonder if our forebears used it as a textile dye?

Like many of the berries, Mulberries have a reputation for health benefits. Vitamin C particularly.  Served with ice-cream this power-packed  Mulberry Jam is a healthier alternative to proprietary made toppings.

Plum and Raspberry Jam

Plum and Raspberry Jam is a classic and favourite of traditional Jam makers.

fresh blood plums for plum and raspberry jam

Fresh plum

Made from slightly sharp Blood Plums and the unique sweetness of Raspberries this jam is often described as refreshing. For people who don’t like their jam too sweet, this is a must have. A pleasant breakfast surprise as the summer cools into autumn. Because raspberries have such a short season, this jam generally is not made in huge quantities. We would suggest adding a jar to your cupboard to have on hand as the weather cools.

Peach and Passionfruit Jam

 yellow peach for peach and passionfruit jam

Fresh yellow peach segment

Close your eyes and say it out loud. “Peach and Passion”.

I don’t need to tell you that this jam is Vegan friendly, Nut free, Egg free, Dairy free and Pregnancy safe……we all know that Wendy’s jams are all those things. Instead just say the words out aloud again…”Peach and Passion”.

Clingstone Peaches with the right amount of passionfruit so as not to overwhelm. Who would have thought that these two very different fruits would complement so luxuriously.  . Peach and Passionfruit Jam.  Book your fruity, tropical escape at a Wendy’s Jams stall soon.

Where can you taste test Wendy’s real fruit jams?

Wollongong Markets, Crown Street Mall, Wollongong , NSW–  Selected Fridays

Bulli Market, Bulli Showgrounds, Grevillea Park Road, Bulli, NSW –  Selected Sundays.

Wendy’s Jams are also stocked at…..Farmhouse Industries Shop, Tarcutta


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