Plastic Bag Holders for Sale

Plastic Bag Holders were everywhere during the 1980’s? Just to clarify, Plastic Bag Holders are Fabric tubes designed to store Plastic Bags. Guess what – they are back. Re-imagined for a new generation of households, Wendy’s Crafts now has Plastic Bag Holders available for sale on her Stall at Selected markets south of Sydney.

How does a Plastic Bag Holder work?

The Fabric tube is finished with a drawstring or elastic at each end. Shove your spare plastic bags (or other stuff) into the tube, either from the top or the bottom. Some people use the sewn in loop, at the top, to hang their Plastic Bag Holder on a door knob. I  prefer to hang mine on a hook in my pantry or laundry cupboard. The simplicity of this simple fabric tube means that it flattens when it is empty and miraculously expands when you have plenty of spare plastic bags. How good is that?

How many plastic bags to you have?

How many plastic bags do you bring home from the shops each month. Do you try to squash them all in a kitchen drawer or perhaps down the side of the refrigerator. Or do you just throw them out?How often do you reach for a plastic bag – not really needing a new, fresh, on a roll type – when a recycled one will do fine.

What do you use plastic bags for?

Putting out some rubbish, taking his trousers to the dry cleaner, picking up doggy-doo, taking books back to the library, sending a friend home with some left over food, not to mention for used baby nappies (yuk)…the list goes on. Plastic bags have become part of our life.

Why do you need better plastic storage?

How to separate the freezer-type bags from the heavy dress shop bags from the in between supermarket bags? . You now can store as many plastic bags as you like – making them all multiple use rather than single use.

Wendy’s Flexible Plastic Bag Holder

Plastic Bag Holders

Calico Plastic Bag Holders

Look to further….Wendy’s Jams and Crafts has designed and made plastic bag holders for the modern household. Your home has moved on and so have Wendy’s Plastic Bag Holders.


  • Washable calico
  • Top loop to slip over hooks, or door handles
  • Elasticised at bottom for easy access
  • Variety of colours to suit your home.


  • Medium and Large

Available from Wendy’s Jams and Crafts at Selected markets south of Sydney