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Jam Recipes and Expert Advice

Jam Marmalade and Relish recipes. Used by three generations. Learn jam making tips from the expert….

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Classic and New Homemade Jam

Wendy’s Blackberry Jam and Tomato Relish are our most popular products. Find out what Wendy is adding to the range..more

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Homemade Jam at Farmers Market

View the full range of Wendy’s delicious Marmalade, Jam and Relish at the best Markets south of Sydney….find

Wendy’s Crafts

Wendy’s Crafts provides a full range of delicious homemade jam, marmalade and relish. Full flavour jam starts with a network of fruit growers and suppliers. Harvesting the fruit “in-season” is vital. I am a third generation jam-maker, using traditional recipes and methods to ensure that my customers can experience jam, marmalade and relish the way we all remember from childhood days. Discover the range of jams that my kitchen creates for my Market Stall.  It is really easy to find me in four main locations, Wollongong, Corrimal Park, Kiama and Sutherland Markets. I can usually squeeze in a couple of specialty markets like the French School Annual Market as well. I love sharing jam stories and jam-making tips. Have a taste of my jams while we chat. My Blackberry jam is really special. Which of the Wendy’s Crafts range will become your favourite?

Classic and New Tastes

Tomato Relish, using my Mother’s fifty year recipe, continues to sell out quickly. The well-balanced combination of tomatoes and spices never disappoints. For those with a mature sweet palate my Blackberry Jam is arguably the most luxurious of my Jams. The depth of flavour, from this difficult to harvest fruit, is produced in small, highly sought after, batches.

I am also very keen to rediscover old recipes and offer new tastes for the modern palate. Chilli Jam and Pink Grapefruit Marmalade spring to mind. And of course, in a sugar conscious world, I have also developed a lower sugar version of some Jam varieties. Discover more

Recipes and Expert Advice

Wendy’s Crafts generally uses readily available jam, marmalade and relish recipes. Sharing recipes is what cooks do. There are a couple of recipes that I keep secret, but I’m sure you won’t mind! Here on the Wendy’s Crafts website I also share my jam-making tips and advice. Some ideas have been passed down to me through the family, while others have emerged from my own trial, error and experience. More

Wendy’s Crafts Market Stall

I bring my Jams, Marmalades and Relishes to four main locations south of Sydney – Wollongong. Corimal Park, Kiama and Sutherland. My white gazebo with colourful banner is quite distinctive. I am constantly making new batches of jam and have many choices available at every market. Naturally when particular fruit is not available or when demand just exceeds supply, the opportunity arises for you to try something different. Enjoy…

Wendy's Crafts jam Stall at Kiama Market

Wendy’s Crafts featured at:

  • Wollongong Market
  • Corrimal Park
  • Kiama Market
  • Sutherland Market
Wendy's Crafts at Bulli Market

“I picked Blackberries 30 years ago and made my own jam… I came across Wendy’s Blackberry Jam and it was absolutely delicious, the best I have ever tasted. I recommend that people try the real deal.”

Kevin M

Wendy's Crafts at Sutherland Market

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