New Online shop for Wendy’s Crafts

Wendy has pivoted her Homemade Jams enterprise to include a new online shop for Wendy’s Crafts. There has been much wrangling and hair pulling in order to launch a basic Online Shop. It is now easily accessible on this this Wendy’s Crafts website. It is easily accessible here.

COVID-19 and the Markets

The certainty of many local farmers markets has been affected by COVID-19 emergency. We all love strolling through and shopping at the markets. However, the need for social distancing to reduce the risks of COVID-19 transmission will be needed for some time. Another unexpected consequence of COVID has been state border closures. This has made it really difficult for Wendy’s interstate customers to access the New South Wales Markets.

Wendy’s Crafts Online ShopOnline shop for Wendy's Crafts​ FAQ’s

Are all products available online?

Wendy has started with 20 Jams, Marmalades and Relishes in the 280g jars. All your favourites are there for you to choose from, perhaps not in the jar size of your choice, but available none-the-less. A decision about the range of the online shop depends on the duration of COVID-19 restrictions, customer demand, the supply chain of fruit and some technical considerations.

Postage and Handling

There is an additional fee for postage, packaging and handling with a maximum of 6 jars per order. The postage and packaging costs are driven mainly by the glass jars. Plastic jars would be lighter and less breakable. Unfortuneately jam in plastic jars doesn’t work when the jars are filled with hot freshly cooked jam. Hot jam would interfere with the integrity of the plastic and the heated plastic would interfere with the integrity of the jam. The price of most of the jams has been reduced to help compensate for the cost of the postage.

Why shop online?

A pantry without Wendy’s Jam would be like the end of toast, scones, pikelets and cold meats as we know them!  Do you want to revert to the mass produced jam, marmalade and relish? Would you like to deliver a treat / gift to your next door neighbour or family member during these changed times? As you well know, there are so many good reasons to purchase the homemade produce of Wendy’s Crafts. Have a look today….

Questions and Special Orders

If Wollongong, Bulli, Sutherland or Kiama Markets are closed Wendy really wants to look after her loyal customers Please use the Contact Page if you have any questions or special requests.