Arts and Crafts at Tarcutta by Local Artisans

Crafts Shop Tarcutta Front Door

Welcome to Farmhouse Industries

No need to drive for 100km for baby clothes. Come to Tarcutta. Just 45km East of Wagga Wagga, the town of Tarcutta is peacefully snuggled off the Hume Highway. The Farmhouse Industries shop is standing proudly. Don’t be fooled by low key shop front as you drive through Tarcutta. Come and have a proper look at the Farmhouse Industries Craft Shop. Not just a look through the door – a proper look.

The shelves and racks are overflowing with items handmade by local artisans. Ancient crafts meet modern millennium interpretation. At first, it can all be a bit overwhelming, but look again to see the arts and crafts skilfully made for babies, toddlers, kids, teens and young at heart grown ups.

Wendy’s Jams are there too

While you are there, wander down towards the back. You will find the Jams, Marmalades, Sauces & Relishes shelves. What an amazing selection from the finest makers in the District!  Wendy’s Blackberry Jam is there of course. Wendy’s jams continue to be available at Selected Markets in the Illawarra and Southern Sydney

Homemade biscuits and slices for the drive home

While you are there you might find small packages of homemade slices. No Mr Arnott here. Just honest food made from scratch with basic ingredients. The selection changes from day to day. Which will you choose? Maybe the Raspberry Shortcrust Slice? What about the muesli slice?  Or both ! The Anzacs are irresistible…Yum

Enjoy and spread the word

Markets closer to Home

In case you can’t get to Tarcutta but would really like to stock up on Jam, there is always a closer Market south of Sydney