Which tastes better? Orange or Pink Fruit Marmalade?

Come along to Wendy’s market stall either in Southern Sydney (Sutherland) or in the Illawarra (Wollongong  and Bulli). Taste testers available. Which will you vote for?

Orange Marmalade

More Orange Marmalade is consumed around the world than any other Marmalade. It is greatly loved.  It is no wonder that Wendy’s last batch of Orange Marmalade completely sold out. Thankfully, the right Oranges became available and Orange Marmalade will be back on Wendy’s market stall from this weekend. However there is a new taste sensation in Wendy’s pantry

Pink Grapefruit Marmalade

Pink Grapefruit for Marmalade

Pink Grapefruit

How good does that sound? Wendy couldn’t resist when a Pink Grapefruit tree in the Illawarra produced a bumper crop.  Wendy’s skill and experimentation has produced a very special Marmalade. Wendy decided that very finely sliced peel added separately instead of all mushed in gave an improved result. The Pink Grapefruit, rich in natural pectin, has set beautifully to a translucent jelly with just the right balance of the gentle texture of the peel.


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