Jam, Marmalade & Relish

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Jam, Marmalade & Relish

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Delicious homemade fruit jam, marmalade and relish. Old and ‘new’ varieties when fruit is in season. Wendy’s products start with a network of fruit growers. Full flavour fruit produces full flavour jam. Picking the fruit in season and always using traditional, 3rd generation, jam making recipes and methods is key to the fresh flavours of these specialty jams and relishes Discover the range of jams that the Wendy’s Crafts kitchen creates. Come and taste at selected farmers markets. Chat directly with Wendy, the jam maker.  Explore which jams and relishes will become your favourite.

Full Flavour Fruit

Fruit grown in Australia generally has some enviable features. Clean water supply, open country air and soil free from heavy metals and mystery additives. People also ask the following questions..



Marmalade, Jam & Relish

Wendy’s signature Blackberry Jam is an amazing capture of luxurious sweetness. Jam with NO fillers. 3rd generation maker. Grandma’s recipes. Strawberry, Apricot, Cherry, Lemon and ….

Taste Testing at Markets

Have you ever tasted Chilli Jam? Perhaps you have never heard of Feijoa Jam? Try a little bit of  Wendy’s Tomato Relish and make up your own mind. Wendy usually has some tasting jars on her stall at each of the market days.

Jam made with real Blackberries?

Modern living is great! Would you trade your smartphone for a fresh apple? Nor would I.
Is your body as durable and disposable as a smartphone? Has the time come to rethink how you use your body? Blackberries – the fruit – might appear insignificant. But maybe, just maybe they are really significant. Maybe the time has come to think about Real Fruit , Real Homemade Jam, Wendy’s Blackberry Jam – UNREAL!

Blackberry FruitKnow your food sources

When did we lose our links to our food sources? How did our lives become so frenetic that we don’t think about what we put in our mouths? have we forgotten that there is more to living than drive-thru? When did your family disconnect from its past? Are you ready to re-discover?

Do you live in an apartment or a really big house without a garden? Are the  plants that you do grow ornamental, or do they bear fruit.  Are you working hard at your job? Are you spending hours commuting? Are you at home caring for family members – young or old?  It is highly unlikely that you have the space or the time to grow your own blackberries. So how  can you reconnect with the goodness that is wrapped up in a blackberry? How can you re-energise your senses?

Wendy’s Jams and Crafts provides this amazing fruit in form that will fit it with your lifestyle. Home-made, real fruit Blackberry Jam.

Wendy gathers the best Blackberries and transforms them into a delicious, transportable, easy to store, taste sensation. Filled with the goodness of the natural fruit Wendy’s Blackberry Jam will put you back in touch with yourself, lure you back from the numbness of modern hectic daily living. Add this beautiful jam to breakfast, afternoon tea or an evening meal desert. Simply add it to your new way of living.

The other part of the Blackberry jam  formula includes a visit to a Market. Wendy’s Jams and Crafts are available from selected Farmers and Foragers Markets. Find one close to your home or work and make a date with your well-being.

Want to know more about Wendy’s Blackberries? What is TheBlackberry Connection about? When is Blackberry season? Read on.

How to grow a Blackberry..Brambles with blackberries

The Secret Blackberry Bramble grows vigorously and rapidly. It is not artificially irrigated. Temperature is not micro-managed. In late spring and early summer the flowers emerge. Bees are essential in the pollination process that eventually results in the formation of the fruit. Interruptions to bee activity is critical.

When to Pick our Blackberries…

Because there is little human intervention in the production of the fruit, the quantity, quality and timing of the fruit varies from year to year. Generally speaking, however, the fruit is ready for picking in Australia in February.

How much jam do we produce….

In a “good” year there is fruit of sufficient quality and quantity to produce 450 jars of Blackberry Jam. In a “lean” year 290 jars. In a “not so good” year 100 jars.

Our RecipeJars of Blackberry Jam

• See The Recipe for Homemade Jam


• Three generations of practice and repetition
• Perseverance
• Desire to convey affection to the recipient of the finished product

This is why Blackberry Jam is our specialty.

I picked Blackberries 30 years ago and made my own jam which was out of this world, I wish I was still up the Central Coast and pick my own but I came across Wendy’s Blackberry Jam and it was absolutely delicious, the best I have ever tasted. I recommend that people try the real deal.

Kevin M

Why are all of Wendy’s Jams so Popular?

• Simplicity of the Ingredients..
• Contains real fruit
• Does not contain fillers
• Fat free
• Nut free
• Rarity of the blackberries..
• Difficulty of picking the fruit
• Most people can’t make it
• Those who can, generally don’t bother making it..

  • Absolutely ZERO gelatin


• Quality control of the maker
• The Art of Selecting the Fruit
• Jars not too big, not too small
• You can get a knife or a spoon into the jar
• Good shelf life
• Doesn’t need refrigeration after opening
• You can impress your friends with your food choices
• May contain anti-oxidants
• The list could go on and on……………………

  • Guaranteed VEGAN