Chilli Jam and Beth’s Tomato Relish

Wendy's Chilli Jam and Beth's Tomato Relish

Jars of Chilli Jam and Tomato Relish

How special is Wendy’s Chilli Jam and Beth’s Tomato Relish? These two savoury products from the Wendy’s Crafts homemade range are very very special. Stop looking. This Chilli Jam and Beth’s Tomato Relish are fantastic.

Chilli Jam

I was pretty reluctant. I was not sure how you can have Chilli and Jam in the one jar

It’s place in my culinary world became clear when I aligned it in my mind with Sweet Chilli Sauce.

Sort of vaguely similar to Sweet Chilli Sauce but different.

Capsicum – red of course form the basis of this jam. The capsicum is roasted first, with the seeds removed to help to control the temperature.

This Chilli Jam also contains Cayenne Pepper, white sugar, vinegar AND brown sugar.

Perfect in Asian style dishes….not hot….but gives you that nice gentle temperature glow.

Interested in another Chilli variation – consider Chilli Cherry Jam

Tomato Relish

Wendy’s Mum Beth has been using this recipe for 25 years. It has been a consistent performer at the Tarcutta store since the store opened.

Beth has been averse to “those spicy foods” for as long as anyone can remember….EXCEPT in her Tomato Relish……….it certainly has a bite.

It contains all that you would expect….Tomatoes, Onions, Salt, Sugar, Brown Vinegar  and….a Variety of Spices…this is where Beth invokes the non-disclosure clause.

Whatever the spices are…they certainly work beautifully together.

Look out for the Jars of Tomato Relish…they are the ones with the Black Label and Black Ribbon