Autumn and Winter Jams and Marmalade

Autumn and Winter Jams and Marmalade

Jars of Pineapple Jam and Orange, Lime Marmalade

Australia’s amazing variety of fresh fruit, Pineapple, Feijoa, Orange and Lime are transformed into Autumn and Winter jams and marmalade by our master jam maker, Wendy.  Pineapple jam, Feijoa jam, Orange marmalade and Lime marmalade are in the Wendy’s Crafts wide range of homemade jams and marmalades. We are no longer  limited to summer only production. They are available from Wendy’s Crafts almost all year round. Taste test at Wendy’s Crafts stall or order online and choose your favourite.

Pineapple Jam Pineapple Jam

Australia, Queensland to be more accurate grows magnificent pineapples. Abundantly available in July. So winter is the perfect time for Wendy to produce Pineapple Jam.

The unexpected ingredients of Vanilla Bean and Lime Juice add immeasurably to this delicious, not overpoweringly sweet jam.

Pineapple Jam is considered to be not as sweet as many other jams, with the lime cutting through the sweetness to leave you with the unique pineapple taste.

Fabulous on toast. Wendy’s serving suggestion….try it with ice-cream…..Mmmmm

Orange MarmaladeOrange Marmalade

Classic recipe. No wing dings, no gourmet additions. Simple, honest, a true classic.

Whole oranges go into this jam – chopped up of course.

Many of us didn’t like Orange Marmalade when we were kids – I know I didn’t.

Consider trying again with an adult palate. You may be very pleasantly surprised.

Feijoa JamFeijoa Jam

Home garden Feijoa trees are rarely seen these days. The average millennium recognises lemon trees and avocado trees. Feijoa trees are now considered very old fashioned. Millenniums would walk passed, oblivious to the treasures that ripen around June. Feijoa trees apparently originated  in South America. New Zealanders have been known to claim them as their own as well.

Feijoa jam is in a taste class of its own… is like…… is like Feijoa jam

The flesh – seeds and all –  of this small fruit is scooped out from the skin with a spoon. Water, sugar and a little lemon juice  are all that is required to deliver this traditional jam.

Even with its funny name, children usually love this jam. Spread on bread or toast.

On scones with cream as a real treat… a little ….try it

Lime MarmaladeLime Marmalade

Lime marmalade has come back into its own in recent years.

When Wendy was offered Limes from trees in Wollongong, the temptation was just too much.

Like all Marmalades the skin of the lime as well as the flesh is included.

The pale, pale green colour of the Lime marmalade teases your eyes before your tastebuds make up their own mind.

Visit Wendy’s Crafts at your nearest Market and taste these Autumn and Winter Jams